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Here’s the latest update from Liz and the YCAA Book Club!

Our April Book Group was full of scintillating chat about the chosen books. But what did we select to read next?

Our April Reads

A definite choice recommended by Bob was Neil Gaiman’s ‘Ocean at the End of the Lane‘. You may know the title already as there is an acclaimed National Theatre adaptation touring the country and a number of Gaiman’s other books have also been recently reimagined for TV.

Our second choice was a Janice Hallett crime novel called ‘The Twyford Code‘, which was highly recommended by Sandra. If you solved this one then we didn’t see it coming!

Two definitely different reads for us but widening our literary horizons by reading new genres  – that’s what a book group does so magnificently!

Our Next Meeting

Our next meeting is on Tuesday 9th May, in the the Lounge of Westlands Entertainment Venue from 12 noon until 2pm.

Our chosen books are ‘I, Mona Lisa‘ by Natasha Solomons, and ‘The Lost Man of Bombay‘ by Vaseem Khan.

So, since May has arrived already, if you haven’t got your teeth into at least one of them, I suggest you get started! The weather is conducive to this, as the books will transport us to places where it is at least a bit warmer! Both these novels will exhilarate and educate so we will enjoy them both.

And if you’ve come across a book you can recommend, tell us about it too. Hopefully its full of sunshine!