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Young Children's Story Competition Results 2018

Congratulations to the winner Cody Southern, with our two runners up being Imogen Teare and Edith Clarke. There were also seven Highly Commended stories. All 10 winners received Waterstones book tokens, with their winning stories being displayed in the children’s section of Yeovil Waterstones.

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Hazelgrove School - Donation

Thank you for such a warm welcome, and the YCAA would like to thank the pupils for all their efforts in raising such a worthwhile amount for the YCAA to use in sponsorship. It was very obvious that they really enjoyed performing in Hooray for Hollywood, and I could see all the talent that made the event so enjoyable for children, teachers and parents alike.

Congratulations to everyone for such a successful show.

We are very grateful to the children for choosing to raise money for the YCAA, and we promise to use it to benefit talented young people on their journey to fulfilling their dreams in the world of the arts.

It was wonderful meeting such happy children.