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Young Children's Story Competition Results 2018

Congratulations to the winner Cody Southern, with our two runners up being Imogen Teare and Edith Clarke. There were also seven Highly Commended stories. All 10 winners received Waterstones book tokens, with their winning stories being displayed in the children’s section of Yeovil Waterstones.

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The Annual YCAA Mini-Saga Writing Competition

Welcome to the 2018 Yeovil Community Arts Association and Western Gazette Mini-Saga writing competition. It’s a welcomed fact that in this digital age reading books and writing stories or poems is more popular than ever for all ages. We are sure our regular writers are eager to know the theme of the competition, and this year we have chosen SPELL.

The word SPELL will give plenty of scope for your imagination, and you have the freedom to weave a story of just 50 words as your Mini-Saga.. Here are some suggestions …

It is one of the first things we learn to do as children, and all we do is wave a twig around and say Abracadabra, and we have cast a spell. Wizards of the Harry Potter kind are part of children’s lives today and they shout out complicated spells for all sorts of reasons. The word SPELL can be used for sorcery, witchcraft, as a charm or incantation, Or could it mean being under an irresistible influence, a fascination, magnetism, charisma or allure? It could be charm, attraction, pull, draw, enticement or beguilement, romance, mystique or glamour. To cast a spell you could bewitch, enchant, curse, jinx, or another context would be spells of dizziness; a bout, a fit or attack. Then it could be a spell, stint, turn, stretch, session, term, in prison, or an officer could do a tour of duty, a spell of watching. Then the weather could mean a spell of disaster leading to; whatever you would like to imagine. I could spell it out by explaining, making clear, making it plain, clarifying or specifying something. There is fun to be had with this word, so it’s up to you how you use it to tell a story.

But what is a Mini-Saga?

A Mini-Saga is a short story of EXACTLY 50 words. In addition to those 50 words, the title can be up to 17 words. How will you use those words?

For example: (The title) The politician’s advice to get on their bikes echoed loudly around the empty factories. Tom listened. (16 words).
He rode away, bumping over cobbles, remembering as a child his father running alongside, telling him balance was everything. In London, Tom struck gold, married ‘up’, sent his children to boarding school. They never learned to ride bikes because their father forgot about balance, and the need to run alongside. (50 words).

All entries must be received by Thursday December 13th accompanied by the entry form. The form will be printed in the Western Gazette for three weeks prior to that deadline. You may like to enter one a week - three chances to win!

The YCAA will pick five winners who will each receive a £25 book token, and their Mini-Sagas will be published in the Western Gazette on Thursday January 3rd, 2019, together with the five runners-up entries.

To find out more about our local writing competition, The Yeovil Literary Prize, and the arts in Yeovil, log onto or

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