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Young Children's Story Competition Results 2018

Congratulations to the winner Cody Southern, with our two runners up being Imogen Teare and Edith Clarke. There were also seven Highly Commended stories. All 10 winners received Waterstones book tokens, with their winning stories being displayed in the children’s section of Yeovil Waterstones.

2013 Literary Prize Results

The results of the 10th Yeovil Literary Prize are now available. Congratulations to the winners in the three categories! Full details and report on the Yeovil Literary Prize website.

Yeovil Literary Prize Website

Yeovil Literary Prize

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YCAA Young Writers Creative Writing Workshops

Wed 28 March and Wed 4 April 2018 09.30-12.30

Yeovil Library

Wednesday 28 March 9.30am – 12.30pm
Wednesday 4th April 9.30am – 12.30pm

This is a FREE Young Writers Creative Writing Workshop at Yeovil Library (writing material will be provided). An opportunity for young writers who are inspired by reading to want to write for themselves. Also, learn about writing and illustrating graphic novels or comics on 4th April.

Please complete the details below and send to the address at the bottom of the page. Or, email details to

Download the joining form for the FREE Young Writers Creative Writing Workshop

Notes for parents.

YCAA Free Writing Workshops for Gifted & Talented Students

I'm Liz Pike, Chair of the Yeovil Community Arts Association (YCAA), and we are a charity that promotes the arts in this area. We earn our revenue with the international writing competition, the Yeovil Literary Prize. To enter, there is a fee and once the judges have been paid and the winning prizes awarded, any proceeds left over are ploughed back into the local community. The YCAA is run by volunteers all with interests in the arts.

We promote writing at all levels. With our proceeds we give grants to students who are studying the arts; we work with the Western Gazette in running an annual Mini-Saga writing competition, and also a children’s short story writing competition. This year we’ve invited Beth Webb to judge the children’s competition and present the prizes in Waterstones on Saturday 7th April.

All that is by way of introduction to what we would like to offer our young writers during the 2018 Easter holidays at Yeovil Library. There will be two free workshops offered and we hope you may be able to identify the young person who would enjoy and benefit from this course. The dates are Wednesday 28th March and Wednesday 4th April. The workshop on 4th April will include a special speaker who will reveal how to write and illustrate graphic novels and comics, as well as our normal writing exercises. Our tutors are published authors with experience in working with schools. Complete the application form please and we look forward to welcoming your young writer to our workshops. They are fun, as we encourage imagination and hope children will develop their own writing styles.

I do hope we can work together as this will be yet another way we can use our Library and our YCAA funds to benefit young people in their pursuit of the arts.